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Wet Hands

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Following the inaugural BODY RING, which featured the talents of Laksa, founding father Finn Hardwick aka Wet Hands has produced a finely tuned live recording of his set that evening. Low-tempo and murky in all the right ways, he also sat down to answer a few of our customary questions.

How did it go?

Laksa was fantastic, the crowd was receptive and everything came together to produce lots of those sought-after loose club moments where everyone seems temporarily to stop thinking. We’d like to thank everyone who came and contributed to the atmosphere, we hope you had fun.

And what were your ideas or plans going into the mix?

I knew I’d be playing at a time when people were filtering in so I wanted to keep it slow, atmospheric and controlled but also broad – my thinking was that people don’t want to be confronted with experimental music in a largely empty room, they want to latch on to simple, stripped-back grooves. I also put an emphasis on quality production. Roughly produced club tools are all very well for peak hour but tend to jar early on, thats why I drew from a relatively limited pool of quality producers (Simo Cell, Objekt, Low Jack etc.). Overall it got people moving so I was happy

What’s been your favourite release in the past month?

Aleksi Perälä – Starlight 3 (APMU26). Can’t get enough of his music.

And the best gig or set you’ve seen recently?

Nothing I’ve seen since has come close to some of the sets at Dekmantel Selectors Festival. Batu, Identified Patient and I-F were all outstanding but couldn’t match Jon K. I have seen lots of DJs try to play slow and fail to keep the atmosphere up, but the first half of Jon K’s set was a masterclass in tension and mood control at low tempo. It felt like a cauldron in there.

A track you’ve always wanted to play out but never had the chance?


Editors note: wowzers

How about your dancefloor savers?

at Drum and Bass tempo: Homemade Weapons – Ironhead

at Techno tempo: Ansome – Smeatons

Or your theme music?

I can’t think of one for myself but Body Ring’s theme music would be Cut Hands – Damballah 58

And the song you’ll still be listening to in 50 years?

William Onyeabor – Atomic Bomb

Finally, what’s next for Body Ring?

More and more events. Currently we are looking at the fantastic The Glove That Fits in Hackney around Easter and have a few exciting ideas for bookings but unfortunately can’t say any more than that. We’ll also be starting a mix series so keep your eyes open.

Tracklist ~
DJ Python - Las Palmas
Simo Cell - Obi 1
Low Jack - Ice Formula Riddim
Objekt - 35
Laksa - The Amala Trick
Golden Teacher - Shatter (version)
GIla - 106 SLipper
DJ Nervoso - Ah Ah
Still - Banzina (Banzina Riddim)
Still - Rough Rider (Low Jack remix)
Objekt - Dogma
Errorsmith - Retired Low-Level Internal Server
Massacooramaan - Dancehall Princess