☆Texture Magazine Issue #2☆

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We launched Issue #2 in November 2022 at Avalon Cafe, joined by some really close friends of the magazine for an extended 7 hours of the best sounds in the universe. It was warm, it was fun, it was vibe-full to the maximum. The music, as you can hear from the recordings below, was excellent, emobdying the breadth and life we hold so central to Texture as a project :~)

Texture Magazine · ISSUE #2 LAUNCH PARTY

The magazine itself is also kinda good. [We are very proud of it]. Sam did a crack job with the lay-in and Pagemasters did their usual magic with the printing itself. It’s beautiful tbqh and you should really pick up a copy if you a) know what’s good for you b) know what’s good for music c) are literate or d) are illiterate but can appreciate the beauty of 64 pages of riso-printed brainwords about music, politics, space, life, and maybe some bits in between.

All of the writing from the print edition is too good to not have archived somewhere, so eventually will make its way to the site, but not for a fair while. If you do want to dive into that gleaming constellation of commissioned work, you’ll simply have to buy the magazine! Check below for a continually-updated list of stockists and where to find us;

~ Good Press ~ Glasgow ~ In-store and online

~ Motto Books ~ Berlin ~ In-store and online

~ Books (Peckham) ~ London ~ In-store only

~ Kindred ~ London ~ Coming soon

~ Iklectik ~ London ~ Coming soon

~ Buy directly from us at Bigcartel ~ Online only

Magazine previews below too, enjoy:

Motto Books
Texture Magazine
Texture Magazine
Motto Books
Texture Magazine