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Hotly tipped producer Avernian graces us with a deeply layered mix, full of percussion, dark ambience, and one (or two?) of his own productions.

Tell us a bit about your new EP on ROW Records. How did the collaboration with Strick come about?’?

I’ve been working with Strick for a while now to be honest. Have always been bumping his releases on Classical Trax and Pineal Sounds. It was only natural i’d reach out as I feel like our tastes and styles cross over very well. The rest is history. This won’t be the last collaboration, let’s say that.

How do your production and DJing styles interact – do you aim to produce tracks that could fit into your sets?

I’d say they’re different but i’d play them at the right time in a set. I definitely try to transition through different vibes when i’m DJing, whilst still keeping it very drummy. I sometimes forget to play my own tracks purely because there’s so many good artists out there right now that I vibe off so I just get lost in it all haha.

What were your ideas or plans going into the mix?

I didn’t really have a plan to be honest. I like to keep things fresh and just roll into whatever vibe my brain is feeling next.

What have been your favourite recent releases or events?

Oof, that’s a toughy. All of Siete Catorce and Scratcha’s releases lately have been filling my sets. DJ Plead too. Events wise P13 in Manchester always have the best lineups. Hoping I can play for those guys sometime!

What’s the music scene like where you’re from??

I’m originally from the US and where I come from there was a big Dubstep scene back in 2010-2011 which is what really got me into music.

Is there a show you would love to go back in time and experience again?

I’d absolutely love to play Flux again. Playing alongside Anthony Naples and Nastia allowed me to explore a bit of a harder set than normal which was good fun.

How do you organise your music?

I tend to organise them in folders by their vibe. One might be ‘Wonky Drums’ whilst the other is ‘High Speed Pumpers’. It works in some way or another haha.

A track you’ve always wanted to play out but never had the chance?

Oh god. I’ve been dying to play the Tearz Bootleg of Gangsta Boo’s ‘Late Nite Tip’.

Your dancefloor saver?

I’ve never had a bad reaction to Anz – ‘Helps Your Two Hips Move’

Your favourite club?

Without a doubt Fold in London, hectic.

The soundtrack to your funeral?

Just play any Nils Frahm and I’m good.

And on a lighter note, the tune you’ll still be listening to in 50 years?

Joe Armon-Jones – ‘Almost Went Too Far’

Hairline Fracture EP by Avernian & Strick is out now on ROW Records.

Title image by @pharmaphotos

Tracklist ~
Goro - No Plan (Dub)
Aleksi Perala - B3
Amar Du Desert - Hoggar Flat Beat
DJ Plead - Crush & Burn
Strick - Reprobate (Unreleased)
Tim Karbon - Loud Poetry
Tzusing - Cubicle
Tomas Urquieta - Duenos De Nada
YAWS - Reflekt
DJ Lag - Switz
??????? - ????????
Avernian - Odiham (Unreleased)
Lemonick & Krizzli - Nammi