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In 1988, On the Silver Globe premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. In 1977, the film was left unfinished after the Polish government’s vice-minister of cultural affairs ordered its production to be shut down believing it was anti-government propaganda. The film’s director Andrzej Żuławski had previously left his native Poland in fear of this kind of censorship. A Vice article on the film states “Zulawski’s film is neither pro-Communist nor pro-Catholic. Instead, it is an ideological goulash, drawing equally from Buddhism, apocryphal Christianity, historical materialism, Nietzsche and Schopenhauer to produce a powerful meditation on the human drive to produce meaning in a universe devoid of any.”

In the film, Żuławski narrates what happens in the scenes left unfilmed.

In 2033, in a move that surprises nobody, because nobody is surprised anymore, YouTube CEO Neal Mohan is replaced by a fully autonomous AI system developed by Google AI. Within 24 hours of its tenure is it able to swiftly convince hundreds of YouTube’s top creators to sell the rights to their likeness. 

shadow the hedgehog fights a group of decentralised eco-terrorists

~ What does TAPE_039 feel like?

im in no position to be dictating emotions here, have some autonomy ffs
sorry, a bit aggressive, but honestly, I made the thing! I do not know! I thought it was actually awful when i played it loud
maybe this sums it up: the line between cringe and not cringe is thin

~ Where should the listener experience TAPE_039?

in contradiction to the previous you should not…………
listen to this in a club, terrible idea
I tell u what I think club music sucks my man, bunch of PR people wanking each other off about their supposedly great music tastes
JK – I’m not that bitter, but defo this is a real thought that has passed my mind several times
Again I’m (trying) not (to be) a dictator, do want u what to do, whatever makes you comfortable
If I was a YouTuber, I’d say “grab a bag a popcorn, a coffee, a snack, cause guys this is gonna be a long one”

~ What does Shadow the Hedgehog mean to you?

I feel like shadow secretly resonates with a lot of people, wouldn’t be surprised if adam Curtis was a big fan or something
I remember my older cousin having shadow the hedgehog on his GameCube. I was like 8? Thought it was so cool, honestly, like life is dark and innocence is taken away at a younger age than we think. In the 2000s we were all emos cause our bodies know this life isn’t really for us
Shadow is just the result of a society that doesn’t really care
I’m not joking why are you laughing…
Honestly, do you really think a culture that is a product of constant entities of coercion would make a kids game where the rival character goes around shooting “aliens” with actual guns that in real life actually kill people, that are used in actual wars
It’s cringe cause its too real

~ Do you distinguish between finding and creating in the act of composition?

look im just another little human running around being led by their feelings I really don’t have all the answers here pal
i think ———— 😏 that it’s like fuck
honestly I can’t decide
Depends how you view reality I guess
And in 2023 (soon to be 2024) you literally cannot settle on one view of reality on an hour-to-hour-to-hour-to-hour basis
Sometimes it’s like this – we’re just viewing these things happening and we think we have autonomy but we actually don’t it’s just easier to process things that way, it’s a wider story that is God experiencing itself
So creating could just be finding but all the things and bits that dissolve in the light anyway
Like “to discover” implies we have autonomy to uncover but what if we don’t? And language has been constructed in a way to constantly keep us from truth
Like a metaphysical conspiracy theory
God don’t want us touching them!!!
Okay, or, there is some sense autonomy in these little quantum windows where we are actually supremely divine beings that are able to change the fabrics of this world
So, we have the choice in the creation, all the findings are there and as arbiters of consciousness we make the choice which of those findings we allow into the material world

Look I took acid ONCE

~ Is the use of machine learning destructive or constructive theft?

Jesus fuck pal I do not know I’m literally on the phone here can u leave me alone??
[I think that….
Won’t lie, a bit worried that people might come to this in a few years down the line when the ai gone go come alive and cancel me cause I made them output total drivel
(or more so that I am using real people’s voices that voiced video game characters from 2 decades ago – is that okay? I’m not sure
Again it probs has to do with how you view reality [cop out]
But you can always warp it to justify your sick needs (I once used it so Sonic can tell me good night before I go to bed and give me a little kiss)
One sec about to get the Thames link ….
A woman in front of me has a big Mario plushie, that’s funny
Look I’m not really answering the question rn I’ll come back to this
(genuinely 3 days later)
lmao SOMEONE has thoughts don’t they??
okay, this is how i actually think about (it): we’re all made of the same dirt, dust, stars etc.

~ What’s your favourite piece of lore?

Christian, christian, christian… (sighs)
Can I call you Chris? (editor’s note: no thanks christian is fine :))
Chris… do you really have to ask?
After a whole hour?

It’s gex
(that episode of serial experiments lain where it starts talking about the area 51 stuff)

~ Is ecoterrorism a justified response to systemic global collapse?

I dunno probably

~ Are you happy with the way you consume information online?

Let me throw the question back, are you huh?
I mean look there was this whole web3, 4, 5 (and potentially 6 but I’ll have to get back to you on that) and like that has really yielded anything interesting so much yet just a lot of theorists speculating and marketing people being soooooooo sick lol
The internet got colonised, completely capital-a-rific, I say this but I don’t fully fully remember the early stuff cause I was like 2? 3? 4?
Clearly if you’re gonna make something like this (and listen to it you total weirdo) you gotta love the internet – I’ve said to a few friends before that it’s maybe the closest representation we have to God so far. They then pat me on the head and give me look (then we kiss hehe).
I constantly have several tabs open on my laptop, some people have said it gives them anxiety. Just really love that information baby. That’s probably why I like lore and things. And why I’m writing this much.
Basically uh depends on the day of the week, instagram bad etc I think should at least have the option to change the colour of the layout of my profile

~ What’s the best spreadsheet management software?


~ Whats your favourite noise?

Sometimes when I’m on the toilet 🚽 I make sounds like “pffft-ch-ch-ch-raaaaa-ka-jajajahja” and I’m like I wish I could make music like that
When I’m at work and I go into in the back office I sometimes make fart noises with my mouth (dependent on the supervisor)
Björk impressions
Your mom last night
A party from a distance
Children playing

~ The soundtrack to your funeral?

Ahhh man what a bummer lol, i feel like a lot of people have a very quick answer to this, i don’t, don’t know what that means lol
anywayz 😏 i don’t want my funeral to be a bummer, people don’t need to cry over me lol but also they should listen to beautiful music
10 Hours: Wii Weather Forecast Channel Music (Globe at Night)
Selected comment from that video: “The Wii was a work of art. Not through specs, but through something bigger.”

~ You have a time machine and can travel into either the past or future to experience a musical performance. Where, and when, do you go?

Honestly and very sincerely, music made not under the coercion and violence of the state. Music that’s not been heard for a long time. Past or future it’s all the same.
Better question: where did I get this Time Machine? (editor’s note: fell off the back of a very small van)

~ A song that always makes you move?

Movin’ On – Hideyuki Eto from the ChainDive OST or 1 Thing – Amerie

~ A song that always moves you?

Farmer In The City – Scott Walker

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said too much innit

“Ecoterrorism” – only called terrorism if the state is scared, direct action will only continue to look more and more justified while ppl in positions of power get more trapped in the feedback loops of whatever version of this system we’re in now or something i am idiot dont you forget literally wrote a script for this shadow the hedgehog everytime i told anyone about this i give out this forced laugh cause im a bit scared of being sincere about this Lol
Free palestine
Solidarity with rojava
Solidarity with the people of the congo
There are too many to mention, i’m sorry
Here’s some other things:
I like Murray bookchin, defo aged a bit badly with the rationalism stuff but the guy was on it, Marx IS stinky
Also graeber, just like a sweet guy, funny, had a good head on his shoulders
Tell stories that haven’t been told before but don’t overstep your material position, allow and provide the ones who need to tell those stories the space to do so, interpret how to go about this how you will
Look, my total ego is on display rn, really indulging here, you are a smart person, if anyone has told you otherwise they’re just pushing the dark parts of their soul onto you, cause they couldnt resolve it in themselves, if you wanna find out more about whatever I’m trying to do you can use DuckDuckGo
Things are gonna get really weird tbh, so hold your buddies tight, and build and learn and tell stories and do what you think is the best way to serve real actual Love. No one is perfect at this, acknowledging that is part of the Love.
Deconstruct the all the -isms within you, it is hard but worth it, life becomes more beautiful
This “music and art stuff” is genuinely a ridiculous pursuit while the system/modernity/civilization is collapsing, but if something higher than you keeps guiding you to do it, lean into (but like try and do some systems change/building in “the shell of the old world” even if you’re an idiot, especially if you’re an Idiot). You can tell when people are doing it for the pursuit of some sort of ego shit and not a higher purpose.
if you’re gonna write artist bios PLS make them fun and silly SO BOReD of this neoliberal managerial bullshit portfolio trashcore spiritual holes that everyone feels as tho we have to write to get the bag
Try to be a bit more of yourself everyday
you are someone new everyday

Ö̵̧̧̨̞͇̘͈͙̲́͂̋͛̆̓͌͝ķ̶̲͎̤͙̓̎͆͒a̴̻̅́͐̈̚y̶̩̟̗̟͇̙͕̾̓͊͆̚̚ ̶͙͎̬̜͚̦̬͈̆̈͜͝i̸̞̠̟͍̝̊̄̾̄͐̀͜ ̷̢̡̬̟͓͇̥͋́̄́̈́͘͠ẗ̴̤̭̩́͑̓̄͗̆͌̃̚h̸̢̞̘̖̹̺͔̬̤̤̆̋̈́͒̆̍̚i̴̯̥̦̭̼̥̅͌͜ņ̴̭͉͊̏̊͒̃͛̽͌̽k̶͈̺̯͙͂̾̆ ̸̺̮͗̾̚i̴̥̻͈̟͙͋̌͗̔̈́̕’̴̧̳͔̬̳͍̞̒ͅm̴̮͎̞̬̏̽͌̃̅́̐̅͆ ̴͕̳̝̝̠͓̬͖̈̅̈͒̐̊̈́͊͠d̸̺̫̜̠̥̒̈́́̎̒̑̎͘̕͠ò̸͉̜̎̓͛̎͜n̸̜̾̅̃̏̕ȩ̷̳̝̞͈̳̽̃͝,̶̧̼̫̮̃͐͌̊͌͝ ̸̢̛̰̻̥̬̂̍̉̌̎̌l̷̢̲͈̮̳͚͚̼̣̓̆̌͌̈́̓͐̎̈̓o̷̘͈̤̤͎̠̮̰̐͐͆́ͅv̸̠̗͉̗̲̪̹̭̓͘e̶̟̽̅̉̇ ̸̢͙̅͆̉̐̈́͠y̷̡̘̘̠̘̜̠͈͆̆͛̀̏̾̓̌̑̚ọ̶̎u̸̢̯͋̄̀͌̈́̆̚ ̶̲͇̒͂̅͊̄͆̏̀́͋b̴̛͈̜̻̹̻͇̈̿̊̕ỳ̵͎̼̠̱̯̬̳́e̵̢̪̠̫͍̳͉͕̋ ̸̡̢͉̰̖͖̟̳͇͂x̶͚̯̲̦̦̺͔̂̔