Texture Tape 011:

Jolly Brolly

Interview by

Jolly Brolly display a deft touch in this lurching dose of dubwise delights. Both heady and headsy.

What were your ideas or plans going into the mix?

Our planning was only really based on a few songs that we’ve wanted to mix but haven’t been able to in a club context. Then we went from there.

What’s it like playing as a duo? Do you each have particular quirks or traits?

Josh – it’s definitely good because Ollie can and will be brutally honest when something doesn’t work. And vice versa when it comes to Ollie’s obsession for darude sandstorm remixes

Ollie – I think it is usually ok except for when Josh holds back my creative flow. He just doesn’t seem to understand the value of a well placed remix of darude sandstorm, but I guess creative differences are inevitable in a duo which pushes boundaries in the way we do.

Ok, what have been your favourite releases recently?

Josh – Taking the liberty of 3 months: Perko’s Nv Auto or the new James Blake.

Ollie – Taking a liberty of 6 months: The Suspiria soundtrack by Thom Yorke or Twisted Love/About to Burst by Justin Cudmore

How about a set or performance you wish you could go back to and experience all over again?

Josh – Nicholas Jaar at Houghton

Ollie – Loefah at Glastonbury

Nicolas Jaar is known to deploy mini cheddars

A track you’ve always wanted to play out but never had the chance?

Josh – Cameo – ‘She’s Strange’

Ollie – Cute Heels – ‘State of Mind (LA 4A Remix)’

Your dancefloor saver?

Josh – I’m not really in a position to say much but I played ‘Ongie Bongie’ once and it banged.

Ollie – Daniel Avery – ‘Naive Response’

Your favourite club?

Both – Cirkus

(ed: Those Funktion-Ones tho)

The soundtrack for your funeral?

Both – Radiohead – ‘Life in a Glasshouse’

And on a lighter note, the tunes you’ll still be listening to in 50 years?

Josh – Fela Kuti – ‘Zombie’

Ollie – Caribou (Manitoba) – ‘I’ve Lived on a Dirt Road All My Life’

Tracklist ~
The Singers Unlimited – Nature Boy
Boards of Canada – Ready Let's Go
Voices From the Lake – Velo di Maya
Acronym – Red River Gum
Tevo Howard – Crystal Republic
Jark Prongo - K-ucci
Leftfield – Afro Left (Hodge and Peverelist Mix)
Deadbeat – Xberg Ghosts
Djrum – Tailing
Randomer – Van Pelt
DJ Skull - Get Em
Perko – Rounded
Ramadanman & Appleblim – Justify
Shackleton – Blood On My Hands
Djrum – Unblocked
Joyce Heath – I Wouldn't Dream of It