Texture Tape 025:

Miro sundayMusiq

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For our 25th instalment in the series we’re blessed to have Miro sundayMusiq, head of Netil Radio, behind the turntables for our first ever vinyl mix! After a tough week, Miro’s unique brand of techno pacifism will have you fully restored for whatever lies ahead.

A few words from the Techno Pacifist himself:

2019 was our second year at Field Maneuvers and once again we were able to create sonic healing moments at my favourite festival. To see ravers coming inside our tent shattered after hours and hours of dancing and leaving totally charged and ready to dance again an hour later, was a very intense and emotional feeling. The perfect energy circle created by elements of space, sound and and entities inside the space. Music of any kinds is used to heal your soul and relax your body. It’s not ambient, it’s not even really chill in some moments… it’s Pacifist Techno.

In this mix I tried to capture as wide a picture as possible in the shortest possible time. Close your eyes and feel the vibrations. 

From Miro sundayMusiq, with love.

P.S. Pacifist Techno will never be the same without Ele and Leon. Thank you so much for creating my favourite festival.

What were your ideas or plans going into the mix?

I don’t do plans really. Here I had an idea to capture the kind of moments you experience in a proper chilled out space.

How important do you think it is for clubs to have chill-out spaces? Are there any clubs/events that you think have been doing it well?

The chill out room is as important as the main room. It’s a place to have a break from the intensity of the night, and get ready for another round of dancing. Chill out spaces had been pushed away by smoking areas for a while and I am very happy that they’re coming back now. 

At least thinking of having one is a good thing. Doing it right is a different story. Some places have a decent space to chill out, but it will take time to make it right. The best ones are Field Maneuvers’ Once In a Blue Moon Cafe and Grow Tottenham’s green house and entry hall which allow for those cosy morning sessions.

What have been your favourite recent releases and events?

Postalgia by the Slovak artist Katarina Malikova blew my mind recently. Check it out!

I played two Creatures parties in row over summer. One was a forest rave with Jane Fitz, and the other I played an all night long ambient set and both were absolutely remarkable. I haven’t experienced such emotions between music and dancers for a long time. Plus obviously Field Maneuvers which is the best UK festival and the last one was exceptional.

What’s the music scene like where you’re from?

Finally, we have a scene – during communism it was all very secretive. But as my latest favourite release is an artist from my country, everything seems strong and stable. 🙂

Is there a show you wish you could go back in time and experience?

Not really. If I missed something, maybe it was destiny. And I prefer to experience the present moment.

How do you organise your music?

Oh. Tricky one. Very precisely but not based on genre, or labels. I have sections of feelings and kind of style. Like chill out sections, dance sections and I separate them by albums, compilations and singles. I visually remember them, and I add them back to shelves straight after gig. So they are ready to go anytime I have only 10 minutes to pack records for next gig.

A track you’ve always wanted to play out but never had the chance?

There was one, but I managed to play it last year at a Childsplay party. Sorry. It’s Shanice’s ‘I Love Your Smile’. Took me about 20 years to manage this. The amount of times that record was in my bag…

Your dancefloor (ambientfloor!) saver?

‘Numerical Coefficients’ by Gauss (but on the wrong speed).

Your favourite club?

Grow Tottenham.

The soundtrack to your funeral?

My spirit never dies.

And on a lighter note, the tune you’ll still be listening to in 50 years?

Caterina Barbieri’s ‘Bow Of Perception’.

Tracklist ~
Diamantener Oberhof - Liebstöckel
Werkbund - Im Heiligen Hain
Max Würden - Wirkungsgrad
Xvarr - She Healed Him In Her Sleep
Malibu - Held
The Amalganation of Soundz - Textures
Dennis Young - Hymn
A. Kalma & Beltrand Eberhard - Aman
Geoffrey Landers - The Alluring Pause
Vanessa Wagner - A Hudson Cycle
Trance - Belial (Edit)
Majeure - Longing, Love, Loss
Sote - Modality Transporter
Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy - A’laj
Lo Kindre - For Sleep
Sordid Sound System - Did De Muertos
Ross Alexander - Homeage To The Cause (One Night In Marrakesh)
Baltic Beat II - Pastoral Sequences