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Texture Tape 035 has been brought to life by ANE label head Mistareez. A distinguished producer in his own right, the mix covers the spectrum of contemporary ambient sounds, from dusty to dubby, spliced vocals to supple warmth. Drawing on a trove of mystery trax and personal influences, this one comes straight from the source. It’s the sound of a cozy day in or a hazy morning after. You decide.

Tell us about ANE! What is the philosophy behind the label/show?

So ANE started as a residency on the Bristol radio station Noods and was a vehicle to showcase the less functional music I was exploring whilst part of a couple of club collectives. After a while I wanted to be able to use it as a platform for artists to be able to explore experimental and beatless work.

Has your approach to the music you listen and play changed with the pandemic?

​It’s become even slower I suppose but the lack of clubs has had me turning my living room into a nightclub for one on occasion. I’m desperate to dance with my friends again soon.

And similarly, have you noticed any particular changes in the way you produce and record music?

I think having less distractions from outside sources has exposed me to new levels of existentialism at times. I’m starting way more than I finish but every day is a chance to experiment and I’m learning more and more rn.

ANE’s latest release was accompanied by a limited edition floppy disc run (adore this). What role does physical media play in your relationship to music?

My personal music consumption is almost entirely digital. It’s likely that one day I’ll be building a personal physical collection but at present it suits me to be able to plunder the depths of the online and fit it all my 320s on hard drives and my phone. The floppy project was Crosspolar’s baby but I jumped at the chance to help make it happen. My thoughts were that through the use of recycled disks we were playing about with the tropes and pitfalls in the industry surrounding environmentally unfriendly distro methods, obsolete formats and snobbery. Solidifying a release in a physical format is always a special thing.

And what’s it like releasing on an old-fashioned medium when so much of our listening is digitised and streamlined?

People were crazy enough to buy them all so we must’ve done something right! The files are crushed to shit to get them on such old formats so I really hope some kid out there has had the facilities to give them a listen. Perhaps I’m doubting what old gear people have on them though. I suppose old fashioned mediums still represent an attachment to a type of authenticity in a lot of music circles and some people will have more of a sense of humour than others. We just wanted a chance to experiment and play around though which harks back to why I wanted to do ANE as a platform in the first place. More physicals soon too…

As a producer how do you approach creating a distinct sound within a genre that often tries to be so nondescript?

I have a few methods and techniques that I stick to when working on my beatless tracks but in hindsight I don’t think I’ve really displayed them in my music that is currently available to buy. This ambient new wave is really exciting to me though as there’s a relative anything goes ethos combined with an obfuscation of identity online that drew me away from the egos I’d encounter in club music spaces.

I’m currently going through a phase of applying flangers to everything in efforts to make everything airy af! My production approach is through sound collage mostly. I don’t have the patience for too much synthesis and much prefer processing artefacts until they sound like they’ve had acid poured on them. I guess conceptually my main focus is on trying to create intimate otherworldliness. I’m sitting on a load of slippery music that I’m excited to share in the future.

Onto the mix! It’s luscious, soft, textural, and although I’m hesitant to label anything ‘ambient’ it certainly can be a useful descriptor. What role has ambient music played for you in the past few months?

It’s a ballast for me tbh, I find it super grounding but also like a dissociative. It can be heavier than a lot of dance music at times so can still give me weird screwface moments lol but I think a lot of the calming moments have aided me throughout the last year or so especially. Woozy and disorientating stuff is a good reflection of my general state of mind too.

What were your ideas or plans approaching the mix?

I wanted to give the best example of what ambient is to me at the moment. I always like to keep it as textural (buzzy but thicc) as possible so the listener can decide for themselves how much they’d like to dive in or use it to compliment surroundings. There’s some unreleased bits from myself and friends in there alongside some of my biggest inspirations in the online ambi scene.

What have been your favourite releases and events?

The recent Exael on Soda Gong has been on repeat recently and TIBSLC is doing a lot for me atm too. The events I miss the most are probably the b2b2b2b2bs I used to be part of in smaller venues in Bristol. There’s so much foundational stuff going on in the city that it’d be hard to pinpoint which events I attended as a punter had the most impact on me. The grassroots scene here is really something special and I just hope our spaces can remain relatively untouched by the developers who have already taken numerous scalps in capital’s war on nightlife

Is there a show/event you’d love to go back in time and experience (again)?

Literally any club night at this point.

How do you organise your music?

I think if someone looked at how I “arrange” my files they would enact some kind of intervention. I tend to have an act now, think later approach when I’m trying to reach a flow state and I’ve lost a fair few tracks to the curse of indecipherable project names.

What’s a track you’ve always wanted to play out but never had the chance?

Peverelist – Roll with the Punches

Your dancefloor saver?

Le Dom – Le Tom

The soundtrack to your funeral?

Hard trance chopped and screwed.

And on a lighter note, the tune you’ll still be listening to in 50 years?

Gang Of Four – Damaged Goods

Finally! What’s next for ANE/Mistareez? Any exciting projects we should keep an eye out for?

TT’s Crosstalk EP is out at the end of the month on digi & limited cassette!

Tracklist ~
Infant - Devotional
?? - ??
?? - ??
?? - ??
Pontiac Streator & Ulla Straus - Item 5
Sth - Mod
obe - NdN
uon - nod
Other Joe - On 4.0 Hill
Exael - Rotor
IC Lander - Stable C
jung dj - alien d
wzrdryAV - Zooted Dimension
?? - ??