Texture Tape 012:


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Torracinta delivers a selection of off-kilter, watch-your-step weapons.

What were your ideas or plans going into the mix?

I’ve only been mixing a couple of months and so a big part of it for me these days has just been challenging myself so I can improve. At first I found it really tough to mix tempos that were either on the extreme end or very different between tracks, and so an aspect of this mix is me just trying to force myself into difficult positions.

More importantly, though, there’s a ton of really amazing and insane music coming out at weird speeds (below 90bpm or above 145) that is techno-esque but also boundary breaking. I thought this would be a cool way to showcase some of that stuff at both ends of the spectrum, so this whole mix is stuff at 80 or 90 mixed down to 75bpm paired with some things at 140-170 mixed to 150; using double time is a really fun way of transitioning smoothly between slow and fast. I hope it worked out!

What have been your favourite releases recently?

If I’m going to be completely honest, I’ve probably spent the most time listening to the new 1975 album, A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships. Maybe it’s a guilty pleasure, but the stuff really bangs.

On the electronic spectrum, it’s got to be CYRK’s latest EP Superior Things on Vakant records — electro on another level.

How about a set or performance you wish you could go back to and experience all over again?

Andrew Weatherall at Motion Bristol, outside, playing chuggers for 4 hours in the summer heat by the river. He’s got to be about my mum’s age and he mixes better than almost everyone under 30. On CD’s, no less, and while rolling a zoot at the same time.

A track you’ve always wanted to play out but never had the chance?

Shinra – ‘Plannt’

Your dancefloor saver?

Kylie Minogue – ‘Can’t Get You Out of my Head’

Your favourite club?

Cellar, back when it was full and sweaty

The soundtrack for your funeral?

Bill Callahan – ‘Jim Cain’

And on a lighter note, the tune you’ll still be listening to in 50 years?

D’Angelo – ‘When We Get By’

Tracklist ~
Trentemoller - Snowflake
Forest Drive West - Cannibal
Second Woman - 400425cc2
Batu - Flash React
Simo Cell - Baland Beat
Yak - Rhodes Island
Forest Drive Wes - Cut and Run
Simo Cell - Terrible Effect Purple Drank
Second Woman - 100407dj
Hodge - Bam
Jan Driver - Distorsione for Strings