Texture Tape 030:

Madjestic Kasual

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Ow! It’s really bright out here.

But oh man, this fresh air is good.

Hibernation got a bit stale down there in the bunker. Out here there are distant people,  deep cuts from the forefront of experimental music, and beanies. Lots of beanies.

We’re incredibly happy to welcome Madjestic Kasual to Texture Tapes as we take new strides in the mix department. The mind(s) behind an impressively deep curatorial network on YouTube and Soundcloud, they balance a cynically playful sense of humour with genuinely arresting tunes. Presenting selections diverse enough to surprise more consumate listeners but with an established sense of self and coherent direction takes a lot of time and thought. 

It’s this that they channel into our newest Texture Tape. Subtitled “Intensive Self-Care”, we are administered 40 blissful minutes of ambient, trap, soul, house, and pretty much everything else. It’s reflective, consistently soothing, and delivered with just a hint of pimpass. Enjoy.

What were your ideas or plans going into the mix?

I was thinking I might go ham or that I would dial up the epicness, but I eventually settled on chill with just a hint of pimpass.

This is by far the most techno- and ambient-heavy mix I’ve ever made, and I’m not a huge techno/house head by any means. I’m not so much a resident as an occasional couch-crasher at the ‘house of jack’, haha.

What have been your favourite recent releases?

Reptilian Club Boyz – Reptilian Shrine

This is from 2017 but still so advanced. Hi-c + Diamondsonmydick are a couple of red-eyed lean incubuses.

Cindy Lee – What’s Tonight to Eternity

Haunted gospel, spectral pop… heartwrenching stuff.

black tie event – black tie event

rainfield and thomas (fka 508boy) project. Woozy stomach butterfly bedroom pop… as into Red House Painters as they are Lil Tjay. Music to blush to.

OCA – Aging

Cryochamberesque. Very cooling and pristine. I like listening to this in the early morning.

DJ Python – Mas Amable

Nite muzik. Makes me wish I could induce sleepwalking at will to enhance the experience of this album even further.

Sahbabii – Barnacles

Sahb is as close as I’ve come to actively ‘stanning’ an artist in a very long time. He teased and pushed back this release for a whiiiiile, and it didn’t disappoint. One of the most talented vocalists existent but I fear he may never fully get his due… incredible flow and feel for melody, funny one-liners, impeccable beat selection. Pains me to see people describe/dismiss him as a mere Thugger clone 🙁


VERY hot club blends. Bangs and slaps while simultaneously bumping.

Detente – Life is Life

Beautiful, varied collection of songs. Soaring guitar shreddery here, plaintive piano piece there, me crying throughout.

Barker – Utility

Lots written about this already, justifiably.

Rio Da Yung OG – City On My Back

“Throw some money in the air, that’s a dance move // If you ain’t got nothin’ to throw, just make your hands move” = hook of the year. Project bumps front to back, and Rio’s bars are somehow both extremely funny and ruthless-sounding throughout.

Organ Tapes – Hunger In Me Living

One of the most talented songwriters, period. Writes pop songs and melodies you subconsciously felt might exist but never thought you’d encounter.

What inspired Madjestic Kasual and how would you describe it to someone who hasn’t come across the channel before?

I’m torn between sincerely reflecting vs. doing some kind of a ‘bit’… and therein lies the essence of Madjestic Kasual 😉

What inspired it initially were the last vestiges of millennial cosmopolitan ‘culture’. TED Talks. ‘Digital nomads’. Bacon and waffle restaurants that play A Tribe Called Quest and Naughty By Nature and have Biggie posters in the bathrooms and attract an increasingly age-conscious clientele who blank while trying to remember a more contemporary synonym for “dope”. Things like that.

More generally we are/were inspired by:

A passion for lifestyle. Brands doing snarky Twitter ‘clapbacks’. Goop. Wine moms. Nassim Taleb, Dean Blunt, Alan Resnick. Beanies (hence the beanies lol). Rupi Kaur. Hipster Runoff, defunct mp3 blogs. Jam, MDE, Bruce Parry. Etgar Keret stories. Rolling your eyes into the back of your head while saying “yassss”. Clueless. Heat. Hypernormalisation. Mood/vibe-based Spotify playlist titles. Laughter yoga. Clueless brand managers incompetently gesturing toward wokeness. Michael Kors.

I don’t really know how I’d describe the channel to someone who hasn’t come across it, beyond “weird music and beanie pictures”. I really like the idea of someone stumbling across it with zero frame of reference and being really baffled.. and maybe just a lil intrigued too. 

How has the channel changed since its inception?

When we first started MK we were trying to piggyback on a form of content distribution that was on its last legs. Spotify and streaming platforms in general have fully consolidated music/media consumption since then, but up until maybe 5-8 years ago you’d have ‘normies’ go to channels with names along the lines of ‘The Chill Sound of Today’ or ‘Ethereal Musiqué’ or something, in order to play Shlohmo or Cyril Hahn remixes of pop songs. The songs would be paired with vaguely nostalgic-looking pictures of generically attractive yt babes lowering their sunglasses or holding their heads sensuously. It’s a formula we distorted and replicated in the pre-beanie era, racking up hundreds of subscribers in the process.

Things have evolved since then. We took stock and pivoted to a beanie-based brand identity. We are now a respected multiplatform venture and a leading voice within the music/domewear community. My 3-figure personal Twitter following includes a guy who was fired from Bernie Sanders’ staff for doing something problematic (can’t remember what). We’re making memes. We have a star-studded (and stud-starring xD) field recordings compilation in the works. We’re putting out a range of coffee capsules. We are ‘moving fast and breaking sh*t’!

Alan Resnick preaching the dangers of Lynks disease

As someone who regularly posts such a huge variety of music, how do you go about finding tracks?

It’s woven into my routine really. I love music, it’s all I know. I’m a slave to it. My instincts are so refined that I can accurately detect whether a track is ‘good’ (i.e. qualitatively sufficient) by accompanying art, title and/or artist name alone. I haven’t listened to music in years.

How do you organise your music?

I use Apple Music (fka iTunes). I’m an mp3 loyalist. I don’t like streaming or excessively externalising my music library. I guess I like to feel as if my music is truly ‘mine’… the folly :/

Is there a track you’ve always wanted to use in a mix but never had the right opportunity?

Great question. Two immediately come to mind:

Jacquees – ‘Inside’ ft. Trey Songz

I’ve tried to bring this in to multiple mixes but it’s so vividly sexual that it feels like it should be the centrepoint of a larger sex mix. I’ll do it at some point, for all my sex heads.

Gaza – ‘I Don’t Care Where I Go When I Die’

Similar sitch. I’ve wanted to drop this for ages, but it’s so jarringly heavy and ugly that it’d only really make sense in an all-metal mix or something. One day, for all my rockerz.

Since we’ve been under lockdown, have there been any online events that you’ve particularly enjoyed?

Every day online is an event, and the whole world is the guest of honour 🙂

DJ RISH, Gribs and Organ Tapes have been putting on a weekly call-in radio show I’ve really enjoyed… kool n kasual vibe, kinda phreaky kinda phonky kinda phresh. Don’t think I’ve missed one to date.

I was skeptical about the format initially, but the LIMP PUMPO Second Life raves were great. Personal highlights included 1) someone from Boiler Room making an appearance in the chat and getting shat on for not tweeting out a link to the rave, and 2) extremely hard sets by dj interior semiotics, Rnr d3m0n, Himera, Bug Bus Piano, Kreayshawn and tonnes more.

Looking forward to the upcoming SMILE.RIP RAVE. I think DJCHAD’s putting something on too. I will likely check it out.

Under more normal circumstances, do you have a favourite club?

★ The Mile High Club ahaha 😉

★ WORM in Rotterdam

★ The Shelter in Shanghai (RIP)

Is there anything you would like to promote?

PLEASE follow my personal Twitter @roid_binge, I’m workshopping a banger ass tweet as we speak. It’s going to be so funny you’ll piss and shit!

And as mentioned earlier, I’ve been sitting on a compilation of field recordings for like two years now. I asked a bunch of people whose music I love to contribute and to my amazement, the majority came through… bout time I put it out. All/any proceeds to go to an as yet undecided charity. I hereby promote it.

Tracklist ~
Motion Graphics - Brass Mechanics
Benoît Pioulard - Raze I
Ethereal - I Think There is a Slight Chance I’m On Fire
Fugitive - SAKE & XANAX
Toni Braxton - The Art of Love
Hiroshi Satoh - Say Goodbye
Theusplayer - Sou Mui Fudido
arch m - backband demo
Mirrorring - Drowning the Call
DJ Popup - Heather
Jan Woo - Whyfor
Part Time - Ganz Wien
Galcher Lustwerk - Retire
CZ Wang and Neo Image - Just Off Wave (feat. Separated at Birth)
The American Analog Set - First of Four
Genshin - I cant believe ft. Sg Rilla Mane
Evil Pimp - Neighbourhood Sluts
lyustra - acrylic milk
noctilucents - 想死 (prod. ssaliva)
L'eoscombu Couti - connie’s folder
Mary Lattimore - Hello From the Edge of the Earth