Texture Tape 005:


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Chalk bleeps his way into our mix series with a deep and dubby journey to Sheffield.

What were your ideas or plans going into the mix?

I wanted to draw on the darker, spookier side of house, techno and electro, which I love at this time of year especially. I’ve also spent a lot of time digging through the bargain bin section of a record shop in Sheffield, so wanted to include a couple of those really great cheap records as well as some more recent tracks from some of my favourite producers.

What was your favourite release of the last month?

It’s a difficult one as a lot of great records came out last month, but Cobert’s Apaxmelidze EP is a stand out. 4 great acid tracks with a sci fi bleeps make it a very eerie record, while staying very playable.

What’s the best set or gig you’ve seen recently?

If you count a month ago as recently, then Craig Richards b2b Nicolas Lutz at Wire in Leeds for Butter Side Up’s 8th birthday. 8+ hours of mind -boggling electro, techno and house and everything in between. It was bound to be a brilliant night as the pair of them are two of my favourite DJs on their own. It was hard to believe they were playing b2b most of the time, the most cohesive b2b I’ve seen and a strong contender for the best set I’ve seen.

A track you’ve always wanted to play out but never had the chance?

An untitled track from a record called the Deadly EP by DJ Deadly and J Speed that I picked up on my digging adventures in a shop in Sheffield. Unsurprisingly it’s a speed garage record from the early 2000s which has a couple of rather unbearable bassline tunes on it but A1 is delightful, hopefully I’ll find the right time to play it soon.

Your dancefloor saver?

Has to be Rewind (Rebuilt) by Detromental. A Sheffield bleep classic which last year was rebuilt by CPU records boss CP Smith for the label’s 50th release. I can’t help but lose it whenever I hear it, it’s not really a track you can ignore.

Your theme music?

Pixies – Here comes your man. I always think that if I was a comedian coming out to a song on stage I’d choose this. Not sure why but it feels appropriate.

The song you’ll still be listening to in 50 years?

I could have given hundreds of songs for this, but California Soul by Marlena Shaw has to be in my top 5 songs of all time, in 50 years it will be near 100 years old and I will be dancing to it at my 70th birthday party.

Tracklist ~
Syclops – NR17
Ekbox – Tidelly Locked
Module Werk – Intra Vehicular Activity
Nightmares on Wax – Dextrous
Binh – Get XOX
Sync 24 – Fallen Moon
Metro – Angel Of Mercy
CT Trax – Toxic
Big Miz – Exchange With An Alien
2nd Babe – Be On A Drip
DJ Technician – DSS Part II
Module Werk – The Misadventures Of Inspector Ju
Ekbox – Seezumay
Manuk – 8 Queen Delta
Gene On Earth – Forza
Jared Wilson – Getting That Feeling