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In the club before 11 ‘o’ clock. Texture Tape 038 is delivered by palindromic duo WAAW, and lives up to their blistering club sets. Listen on the move.

How similar are your music tastes – both when djing and when listening?

[Mim] According to our Spotify blend playlist we have a 97% match in our music taste – so its pretty similar. But our taste does differ in some ways. I would say becca listens to more hyper pop / electronic sounds, and I listen to more R&B and older afrobeat tunes. This tends to be reflected in our mixing as we move across genres pretty quickly, bringing together different music that we have discovered individually.

As a duo what unique energies do you each bring to the mixx?

[Becca] We are usually pretty in sync when we mix, we both use a lot of loops and effects in our blends. We tend to have different genre directions in mind which is how we end up packing so many genres in there. It’s a productive tension lol.

You’re part of the running and music collective Tempo –  how does movement figure into the music you listen to and enjoy playing out?

[Mim] The music we play tends to be beat heavy and high tempo and very much inspired by dance and movement. Tempo has been a great way to explore this in exercise and running, as well as being a place to come together with other DJs and artists who have really inspired us. Club music and dancing is really what brought us to Djing and there’s nothing better than seeing people move to our set on the dance floor.

Do you listen to music better when you are moving or you are still?

[Becca and Mim] Moving. Always.

Would you agree that all good music should make you want to move?

[Becca] I think so. There’s something so freeing and human about moving to music. It feels like something that goes across time and place.

[Mim] Yh that’s what makes the club so special.

You tend to play a broad range of diasporic and global genres of music in your mixes and in your sets. How do you stay on top of finding new tunes?

[Becca] Yeah we really enjoy connecting different sounds from around the world and we’ve never felt super restricted by genre which is why we get a little stressed when people ask us what type of music we play..

[Mim] We find our music in a bunch of different ways, we listen to a lot of radio and are lucky enough to be able to go to a huge variety of club nights in London – I love a shameless shazam. Bandcamp and Spotify are great for finding new artists too.

Do you think  that unlimited access to music is universally a good thing?

[Mim] that’s a tricky one, of course it would be great if everyone could listen to everything but the realities are that producers and artists already struggle to make money with music. Not gonna say we’ve never done a sneaky Soulseek download, but more and more we are trying to be more intentional with how we support the artists and producers we like. Platforms like bandcamp are great for this.

What’s a genre or style of music that you’d never have come across without the internet?

[Becca] we’re both big PC music fans (especially Hannah Diamond and AG Cook) which has a really bring online fanbase so we found that online. Hyperpop is very internetty even in the way it sounds.

[Mim] Amapiano and Gqom also really thrive online. The open source sharing of songs and the way everyone jumps on each others tracks is so sick to see.

Becca, you played a set at our Texture Mag & Friends night almost entirely composed of remixes and re-edits – what’s the significance of remix and edit culture for both of your attachment to music?

[Becca] I feel like remixes and re-edits combine the expected and the unexpected which is what makes them so fun especially in the club. I played a lot of 00s remixes in that set and I love that mix of nostalgia and hype, it’s cool to share that with the audience. A lot of the re-edits we find are from really interesting and innovative producers so that’s fun too.

[Mim] Yh remixing is also a really fun way to dabble in production without there being too much pressure to create from scratch (new waaw edits coming soon…)

Do you think singular ownership of music is attainable, or even desirable?

[Mim] Sample and remix culture seem to be thriving right now, which does create issues with artists and producers getting paid correctly for their work. It seems like old laws of property and ownership are less suitable now than they were. Perhaps we need new ways to think about music ownership.

Do you have a tune where you think the remix is categorically better than the original?

[Becca] This might be controversial but the Naken Amapiano Edit of American Boy beats the original!

[Mim] Also the TenTwentySeven Rebuild of Waiting for Tonight by JLo.

You also recently had your first show on NTS, having held down regular shows on VIPMIX, the Tempo show on foundation fm, and playing in a pretty broad range of different settings and environments. What’s the importance of community to you and your Djing?

[Mim] We’ve been really lucky to have met so many amazing and inspirational people through djing and radio. Music is a community orientated thing so its really nice to have people to share it with.

[Becca] Its also really important for people to feel safe and connected.  London as a city can feel quite overwhelming and having a place to go and have fun with like-minded people is important.

How does radio play fit into this?

[Becca] Radio has always been an essential part of the London music scene. It’s a bit more chill and more personal than a club but it connects people in a similar way.

[mim] foundation fm has been a great station to play on. They are always thinking about ways to pioneer djs who are women/nb. Its a really supportive environment and all the djs are insane!

What do you think of the London scene in 2022? What’s one thing you’d like to change for the better? What’s one thing you’d like to get rid of?

[Becca] I really love the London scene right now, there is more diversity both in terms of  the music you can find and the people you see on line-ups. Daytimers, Keep Hush and Boko Boko (just to name a few) are all amazing at creating really inclusive and diverse club spaces.

[Mim] yh that being said, festival line-ups can still be pretty male-centric and uninteresting – so that would be something to get rid of.

Whats your favourite noise?

[mim] I love that sword slashy sound (see Megan thee Stallion – Captain Hook)

[Becca] that Jersey Club Creak/ Squeak (see UNIIQU3 – Shame on Me)

Is there a show or performance that you’d love to go back in time to experience – either something you’ve been to or something that you didn’t go to?

[Becca] For me it would be this Taylor Skye show I went to a couple of years ago, I didn’t know too much of his music but the way he incorporated beat and vocal looping with live instruments really blew my mind.

[Mim] Charli XCX at Alexander Palace – I could see that every weekend!

A tune you’ve always wanted to play but have never found the right moment?

[Mim] We actually did manage to play it recently but Like A G6 by Far East Movement was one of those we’ve been wanting to play forever

A song that always makes you dance?

[Mim] Anything Skillibeng

[Becca] Rihanna – Push Up On Me

Your favourite music venue?

[Becca] Corsica is a classic

[Mim] Also love Map Studio Cafe

The soundtrack to your funeral?

I wanna live – Kodak Black (we are assuming we will die at the same moment here)

A song you’ll still be listening to in 50 years time?

Burna Boy – Last Last – there’s something about that song

Any upcoming news or work that we should be excited about?

We’re throwing a WAAW & friends night in September we’re really excited about and maybe a texture mag event in the future 😉 stay tuned….


WAAW Play Ormside Projects on the 27th August for Lighter x Prestige Pak x XL PLAY: THE WARM UP

ˑ༄ؘ ۪۪۫۫ ▹Buy tickets here◃ ۪۪۫۫ ༄ؘ ˑ

Tracklist ~
Don Sinini - Eyez
Organ Tapes ft. Malibu - Can I Know
Blastah - Pon de Replay (remix)
Blastah - closer (Blastah x DRVG)
Arma - J Blige
Toumba - Belly’s Gonna Bust the Door In
Madonna, Sickick ft. 070 Shake - Frozen
B4MBA x soltura - Proprioception
fiyahdred - Bottle Riddim
Zora Jones & Sinjin Hawke - God
Hitmakerchinx - Blame Peaches
Uninamise - Flex Corvette
Ase Manual ft. Jaymie Silk - Bloody Waters
DJ Lag - Thongo Lami
DJ RISH - Seedling (Gracious K Version)
Mak10 & Scratchclart - Promise U
Kelela - Do It Again (prod. NA)
Linn da Quebrada ft. Lyzza - Lyzza Coytada (Remix)
Lyzza - Give it to Me (1990Lick)
Ojerime - Jetset (Taimles UKG Edit)
Tre Oh Fie - Unforgettable Instrumental
Thaiboy Digital - Yin & Yang
WAAW - loovvvee blend (Rihanna - loovvvveee & DJ Lag)
070 Shake - Sunday Night (M. Breeze Jersey Club Remix)
SASSY 009 - Maybe in the Summwr
Ojerime - Give it Up 2 Me (Mr. Carmack Remix)
Casey MQ - The Ultra Intro
Shygirl - Firefly
AG, nguzunguzu - JUST A TOUCH .G MIX
Brandy, Sinjin Hawke - Never Say Never (Sinjin Hawke Bootleg)